Providing positive
business leadership that results in economic vitality for businesses, their employees, and our community.

The Jessamine County
Chamber of Commerce
508 North Main Street
Nicholasville, Ky 40356


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Chamber Plan of Action

The Chamber is working hard to make business better in Jessamine County with new focus to enhance the business environment through a well-planned effort of work on issues that impact business by:

  • Housing and supporting the Nicholasville Tourism Commission, resulting in revenue for the city of Nicholasville and its businesses.
  • Operating a full time office Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
  • Raising awareness of Jessamine County in a positive way.
  • Developing a well-balanced packet of information to mail out to prospective businesses and residents.
  • Coordinating efforts of numerous organizations to see that issues important to businesses are not overlooked.
  • Keeping membership informed of events and programs that will help all businesses and industries.
  • Facilitating the study of roads in Jessamine County and raising awareness of the problems that need attending. The resulting organization is the Jessamine County Joint Transportation Task Force, responsible for coordinating efforts in acquiring funding for an I-75 connector to Nicholasville.
  • Facilitating the Helping Hands Program that feeds over 250 needy families during the Holiday Season.
  • Raising awareness of the positive issues and quality of life in Jessamine County.
  • Acting as a source of information for newcomers to the county.
  • Providing information and encouraging tourism for the region.
  • Supporting educational issues to enable a well-educated citizenry.
  • Supporting and enhancing a quality business environment that attracts industry and business.
  • Providing local, state, and national information on business and community issues that impact members.
  • Encouraging and supporting initiatives for quality recreational activities and facilities.
  • Assuring a leadership role in promoting events and activities that promote unity and improved quality of life in the area.
  • Supporting and raising awareness of the unique heritage of Jessamine County.
  • Supporting and encouraging leadership development for citizens of the county.

We need your membership. It is an investment in Jessamine County. Think of joining the Chamber in the same way you would if buying a certificate of deposit at bank. Invest money, expect returns. The returns will be the Chamber's ability to make the business community better and that means a better economy for everyone!

Being a member of the Chamber is a way to GET INVOLVED in making Jessamine County the best county in the Bluegrass Region. Involvement can mean just making a financial commitment through membership.